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New Briot Alta Evolution nominated in Silmo d'Or 2016
A technological revolution in your practice

An additional step in the evolution of edging systems. Having been the first ones to launch the edger without pattern, then the first compact machine all-in-one.  The Alta Evolution system includes the quite new technology Gravitech ®, another market innovation in the history of Briot. This patented technology, based on the consideration of a single reference point during all the cycle of blocking, centring, edging, brings exeptionnal speed and execu-tion reliability. The Alta Evolution is a decisive link in the assembly line of the optician, it participates in a reliable and fast process.

Revolutionary Optical Tracing with Unbelievable Results
With GraviTech® technology, Briot has developed the first optical tracing system capable of using just one reference point to recreate the a flawless 3D shape in just 4 seconds.

Intelligent Drilling
The Alta Evolution is the master of drill hole detection. There is no need to mark the drill holes beforehand; the Alta Evolution will elegantly capture accurate drill hole coordinates within seconds. Its intuitive interface makes modifying drill points and notches simple and easy.

Visualize and Highlight Progressive Lens Laser Engravings
The high resolution camera can accurately capture the laser engravings on progressive lenses to make layout easy and stress-free. With the Alta Evolution, you can edge every lens with complete confidence.


Patented Technology Delivers Perfect, Parallax-Free Blocking
Briot has developed a new technology that enables consistently faster blocking while eliminating negative influences such as parallax and light reflections to deliver perfect blocking results.


More Comprehensive Measurements Mean More Accurate Blocking
Because the Alta Evolution takes into account the frame curve and lens curve it is able to provide the perfect solution for premium results.

Briot Attitude
Luneau Technology To Launch Briot Attitude


Briot, brand of the Luneau Technology Group, announced the upcoming launch of their newest edging system at SILMO .

Briot Attitude, a feature premium level edging system, introduces for the first time in Retail Finishing a Shack Hartmann Sensor featuring Visionix’s wavefront technology, True HC Scan with Unique Swivel Stylus, photocopy demo lenses.

Briot Attitude : Edging System, Featuring New Capture, Tracing And Analysis Technologies With Customer Personalization And Satisfaction In Sight.

The Briot Attitude is powered by PowerMap®, wave front technology with Shack Hartmann Sensor enabling to see the invisible : Visualization of Engravings (&Defects!), Check the Power of the lens on each point, Modify the Shape considering the real Lens!
A real HC tracing device with Unique Swivel Stylus Technology, binocular frame tracing and RX edging for a best fit in plastic wrap frames.

Photocopy demo lenses, New! Gravity Driven Optical Trace Gravitech® helps to Capture Extravagant Shapes and Process Complex Contours

Other news and benefits on the centring device
New! Multitouch Interface
Parallax Free Auto Blocking
Wide Power Meas. Range
Large Databases
Simple Lens Removal
USB Port (Lens Data, Update)
Network Connection

Other news and benefits on the edger
Large Touchscreen
Brushless Motor 
Speed and Reduced Noise
Service Port on the front
Integrated Tool Box

For on-site demonstrations of Briot Attitude, please visit Booth J044 – Hall 5 at SILMO .
For additional information, please contact your Briot distributor.

Powerful simplicity

Briot perCeption all-in-one compact glazing system which Briot’s patented GraviTech® inside [new and revolutionary optical tracing system]

Tracing takes less than 4 seconds and is ultra-precise . The first-time-fit ratio is perfectly comparable to that of shapes produced by any mechanical tracing method known today.

PerCeption’s compactness makes it ideal for workshops with limited space and for those looking for a simple edging solution that is well featured. With perCeption most of a lab’s work can be processed with remarkable ease and simplicity


The Briot perCeption makes scanning, blocking, and edging child’s play due to its intuitive menu layout with icons and its high resolution touch screen. Furthermore, centring is made easy in on-screen LiveView; shape modification as well as an internal data base for 300 jobs and 200 shapes come as standard.

The optical assistant

OptiTab is multi-functional tool for : Measurement of Centration, Lens Demonstration, Frame selection, Virtual Reality.

Thanks to the EY Stick technology, you simply attach or remove the stick onto the patient’s pre-adjusted frame In contrast with pupilometers which capture PDs
anatomically, and do not take into account frame fit, the OptiTab measures monocular PDs with precision. The segment height measurement is uniquely captured using the patient’s
natural posture while the swing assembly on the EY Stick allows the rapid capture of the patient’s natural head position for customized results. The unique built-in prism in the
EY Stick makes measurement of the rear vertex value easily measured from the front without requiring a second image to be taken from the side.

Decentration Values are then able to be transferred via Barcode Printing (AirPrint compatible) or LabConnect using Cloud.

This system offers a faster process by measuring all data at once, a high level of accuracy. Movement between photos will not affect results ensuring consistent results. Guaranteed mobility offers use in multiple environments (ie home-visits).

Which edger is able to edge such shapes?
Sd Technology for extravagant and custom shapes

The Sd Technology is a unique concept in processing shapes with complex contours.
The shape is captured with the pattern recognition system on Alta XLd.
The contour of the shape is captured regardless of the processing being performed...

...by either the finishing wheel, or the drill bit. In the past, what had to be designed
with drill holes or slots is now defined by the centering device.
The frame, digitalized in Bezier Shape Data, can be transferred directly to the Alta Zd.
The edger automatically determines which tools to use to customize the desired pattern.
After finishing the shape, the small finishing wheel is used to make the entire contour
smooth and seamless.
With very few steps, it’s now possible to edge the most complex shape patterns
with ease and precision.
• Fast and reliable capturing of complex shapes
• Use of small finishing wheel reduces the use of the drill bit
• Seamless Contouring.