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VISIONIX develops, manufactures and distributes innovative equipment and provides a complete solution for ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and optical laboratories. The company's distribution includes a direct sales-force and a large network of leading qualified distributors and partners in Europe, USA and the Far East.

VISIONIX developed its products by relying on its innovative patented PowerMap TM technology, which provides simultaneous multipoint measurements of all the parameters of a lens. The technology, originated by the impressive list of VISIONIX scientists is based on Hartman Wavefront 3-D technology. This knowledge and experience has put VISIONIX at the forefront of Wavefront Technology.

Following the merger with Luneau, manufacturer and trader of medical devices since 1928, the group provides the industry with innovation and experience thanks to its long lasting presence as well as its technical and R&D department which continuously seeks to improve products and services.

Visionix partnered with Briot in 2010, and is known for the unique ability to offer our customers full office integration solutions that remain true to our vision; providing the highest level of technology for an affordable price.

For more information about Visionix Sales or Authorized Distributors please email: info@visionix.com or call 1-800-292-7468

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